Simple Lighting Tips for Bathroom


Having a bright house surely what everyone wants. Besides, who wants to have a dark house that looks scary and gloomy? However, you should always know that every room at your house possess different functions and purposes, and thus lighting differs for each room. For example, since kitchen is where busy activities like cooking tasks are done, then layers of lighting should be installed instead of just a centerpiece of lighting fixture. But we’re not going to talk further about lighting in kitchen. This time, let’s find out some useful tips about lighting in bathroom. So, get your pen and paper and get ready to take notes!

These lighting tips for bathroom are actually pretty simple – it’s all about positioning the lighting according to your need. However, many people often take these matters for granted or simply ignore them. Now, the first thing that you should know is getting the correct lighting position. Commonly, bathroom lighting has two positions: near the mirror and on the ceiling. True, the centerpiece on the ceiling acts as the main lighting. But if you’re only using the bathroom for putting on or removing make up, brushing your teeth, and other activities done near the sink and the mirror, then you should also put lighting above the mirror or beside the mirror to assist your activities with enough light. Don’t use lamps or bulbs that seem too bright for this position. Lastly, if you want to add some recessed light as accent lighting, it can be very useful if your bathroom size is medium or large. Small bathrooms don’t need recessed or accent lighting, since it will only waste energy.

So, what do you think? Hopefully these simple tips to install lighting in your bathroom will be useful for you. These tips are actually simple, right?